Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 22 - Preparing the Heart

Preparing the heart for Christmas.....

Does the world really know how to adequately prepare for the true blessing of Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of our Messiah?  Judging by commercials and advertisements, I think not.  For many, this sacred holiday has become the height of commercialism.  Rushing around, shopping and overspending, stressing over getting everything "just so" has become the norm - but, it isn't truly reflective of the spirit of the season.

How exactly does one prepare the heart for Christmas?  

Emptying the heart of the ways of the world and seeking the blessing of the Divine, the Christ Child, the King of all kings.....prepares the heart for Christmas.  For only by emptying the heart is there room for Him to enter in. 

Not that baking cookies or giving gifts is a bad thing.  That's not at all what I am saying.  Surely, it is a way to show our love to people we care about.  It's not wrong to decorate our homes, light our trees and candles, fill the air with the sounds and smells associated with this time of year.  The error is in focusing too much on the "trappings" of the holiday and losing sight of the true meaning of Christmas.  The secret is in finding balance.....

This year, I strive to let go of the expectations of the world; cease the struggle with perfection and seek the Perfect One.  I am grateful that God has placed this on my heart and whispered in my ear - "Prepare your heart for me."

Take the time to be still and meditate on the wonder that Christ entered the world through the womb of a humble maiden.  The story of the Nativity is powerful in its complex simplicity.  It's a good place to start when searching for the true spirit of Christmas. 

Today, I am linking with Ann Voskamp's "A Holy Experience" for "Walk with Him Wednesdays".  If you are looking for insight on preparing your heart for CHRISTmas, I encourage you to visit and be inspired.

Be blessed, sweet Friends....



  1. Thank you for the link. Sometimes we really do need to be still and know that He is there.

  2. Dear Jane, Howdy from Wyoming! Love Texas;I was raised there. I'm thinking the main thing is to love God rather than the stuff. Jesus said we can't love BOTH! We will hate one and love the other. I love the way Jesus gets right to the heart! Blessings! Cynthia

  3. Well said, Cynthia! Bet Wyoming is beautiful, but oh-so-cold, this time of year. Thanks for stopping by The Porch! Blessings back at ya and hope you'll come again.


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