Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 14 - A Man Who Cooks!!!

I am such a lucky girl - I married a man who can - and does - cook!!!  In fact, he actually ENJOYS it! 

Eddie Dale loves to create yummy food and he is very, very good at it, too.  The first time he cooked for me, he made chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy....traditional comfort food that tasted better than just about any I had ever eaten before.  Before long, I learned that he can cook, fry or grill just about anything!  The only thing he does not do is bake - except for the pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving.  

My husband is fearless in the kitchen.  He has created some wonderful recipes, combining and layering non-traditional layers of flavor to make the tastebuds rejoice.  In particular, he makes a raspberry chipotle sauce that is truly divine on pork tenderloin.  His vegetable lasagna is another one of my favorites; as is his old-fashioned chicken stew.  I will eat anything he smokes or cooks out on the grill - meat, chicken or veggies.  His smoked ham and brisket are legendary! 

Our understanding is that he will do the cooking and I will do the cleaning afterwards.  Cleaning is my forte anyway, so this arrangement works well for us.  

I am thankful for this man who knows his way around the kitchen!  I am grateful for his willingness to prepare meals for us and for his ability to do it with both skill and love. 

Yes, I am very fortunate and blessed to have partnered up with this guy!  As we approach our 8th anniversary later this month, I am thinking that I am going to keep him!!!

Now, gotta run!  Not to make you envious, or anything like that, but Eddie is bringing steaks in off the grill for our dinner! 



  1. You are one lucky lady, that's for sure. My hubby will do almost anything I ask, EXCEPT, cook. He says he just doesn't have the talent. He can sure clean up though. After 16 years of marriage, I often tell him I'm going to keep him. He just laughs.

  2. I hear ya! My husband loves to cook as well and does most of it around here. When he wants a break, I'll cook. Our arrangement is similar...he cooks, I clean. He takes care of the outside of the house and I take care of the inside. Works great for us and I know I'm lucky. If I should ever forget however, I have five sisters who remind me every time they visit just how lucky I am :)


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