Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 12 - A Snow Day!!!

I awoke early this morning.....5:30 am, to be exact.  What woke me up so early?  The tinkle of Pepper's tags as she wandered around the bedroom....she was trying to wake Jake up to play.  Ugh....way too early for that!  So, I called her back to her bed, told her to go back to sleep and got up to look out the window.

Snow came during the night.  A good dusting covered the ground in white and illuminated the dark outside.  I crawled back into bed and snuggled down deep in the warm covers, saying a silent prayer that the dogs would sleep a bit longer.

They did, thank goodness!  And when we got up a couple of hours later, the snow was already starting to melt in spots.  But, it is still very beautiful and since the temperature didn't get much below freezing for very long, it is just wet and mushy - not slick and dangerous.  No school delays today.....

Our beautiful, and sculptural, mesquite tree out front

The mums are done for this year....

As I am enjoying another cup of coffee, I am so thankful that I don't have to get out early in the weather this morning.  I am thankful that I have a job that allows me some measure of control over my schedule.  I am fortunate to be able to work from home a lot of the time.  This is a particular blessing when the weather is bad or I've been under the weather.  

When I decided to take that leap of faith and get my real estate license, I knew the first year would be the proving ground.  It is difficult to get established and the money only comes after a closing, so there's not a guaranteed paycheck every other Friday.  But, I've been blessed to have steady enough business since my first closing to help out with household expenses and build us a little cushion.  All in all, I feel like I've had a pretty good year considering I am a rookie. 

Of course, in real estate, it's either feast or famine.  Putting that money into a cushion fund is necessary because there are times when business is going to be slow - like during the holidays and shortly thereafter.  Many seasoned veterans have warned me about this, but after the last couple of years Ed and I have had, they really needn't have been concerned.  When there was no or little money coming in and we were living off of savings, I learned very quickly that you can't "blow the wad" if you come into some extra money!  Also, it seems that when I've had some of my best months in sales, some major expense comes along - like having to replace the entire heating and cooling system in our house.  But, God has blessed in a way that allows us to meet the needs and be able to keep going.

Today, I am thankful for being able to work in a job that I love and appreciate the little benefits like setting my own hours.  Eddie doesn't have to go in to work until 2:00, so I get to spend some extra time here at home with him this morning.  God is very good in providing for us and bringing us to this place in life. 

Still counting blessings.....



  1. The snow is pretty! Doesn't look like too much, but just enough to enjoy. I was about to go outside and take some pictures of the outside of my house since I have all of the wreaths up, and pick some fresh greenery, but just noticed it is raining here. Oh well.....enjoy your snow.

  2. Love the first snow of the season....after that not so much the following four months of it. LOL
    It's good to remember that all things are temporary...bad times...good times and the best way to deal with all of them is to know that they are not here forever.


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