Day 24 - Friends

Today, I am thankful for FRIENDS!

Whether it is the friend right across town, or the one who lives many miles away - each is meant to treasured!  Whether it is the one who will honestly tell me "Yes", my rear looks big in those jeans....or the one I seldom see, but we can always pick up right where we left off......a true friend is one that will consistently be there when the dust settles. 

Where would we be without friends?  Those people who touch and enrich our lives in so many ways.

We don't get to "pick" our families, but we do get to "pick" our friends.  Once picked, those relationships must be nurtured and tended.  Yes, there is effort involved in being a "good" friend.  But, the reward is so sweet!

I've heard it said that many will come into our lives, but few will remain.  I've been blessed with some who would go to the ground for me....and I hope that some of them would say the same about me. 

Filled with gratitude for the gift of friends....



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