Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 19 - Family Traditions

As the days speed by, Christmas draws closer.  Quickly, so quickly, time flies by.  Are you ready for Christmas yet?  I admit, unashamedly, that I am not!  But, hey!  We still have nearly two weeks to work on it, right?

This evening, I'm pausing to reflect on the seasonal traditions that our family has developed through the years....

Without fail, we have to set aside a couple of evenings to load up in the car and drive around town "looking at lights".  Sometimes, it is just Eddie and me.  Sometimes, now that we live closer, we have my mom or Bonnie and the kids loaded up with us.  But, as the children were growing up, this was an integral part of our celebration of Christmas.  As we wound through the most decorated neighborhoods, viewing the display of lights on the houses and lawns, there was much "oooooh"-ing and "awwww"-ing.  And, if we were out on Christmas Eve, the search for Rudolph's red nose in the sky was on!

We are of the group of Christmas Eve package openers!  After dinner together, and a drive to look at lights, we open all the gifts that are under the tree that evening.  This was the tradition that I grew up with.  After all, we had to make room under the tree for Santa to visit and leave his presents, so it was essential to distribute and open all packages in his way that evening! 

Ansleigh opening presents on Christmas Eve, 2010
 The food, oh, the food!  There are yummy treats that we only seem to have during the holidays.  Homemade fudge, sausage and cheese balls, spinach dip, hot apple cider and lots and lots of cookies.....there must always be something tasty to nibble on.  It requires more time in the kitchen and that's probably why we only have some of these goodies once a year.  But, having them so seldom is part of what makes them special - and identifies them with the holidays.  

A Christmas DVD is always running in the background.  Some of our favorites are "A Christmas Story", "The Polar Express", "Christmas with the Kranks", "Prancer" and "The Santa Claus".  One of my newer favorites for the last couple of years has been "The Christmas Cottage".  But, it seems we always have a Christmas movie playing when we gather - whether anyone is actually paying much attention or just catching bits and pieces as we wander through the living room. 

Trayden opening his presents last year.  Note - "A Christmas Story" on the TV!
 And, of course, there is this tradition!  One that I am sure is carried out in many homes around the world....

Family time is paramount in all of our traditions.  The entire celebration centers around being together.  I cherish the traditions.  They bring a feeling of comfort and security; and help to build wonderful memories for our children to recall - often leading to their adopting some of these same traditions with their families in years to come.

I am thankful for our family traditions!  

We are so blessed to be able to continue with them each year, adjusting and adapting as the need arises.  

What traditions do you and your loved ones share at this special time of year?  I invite you to leave a comment and tell us a little about them!

Warm hugs....



  1. We do all of the above, except we only open one gift on Christmas Eve. Attending Midnight Mass is also a family tradition and reading The Night Before Christmas before tucking the kids into bed is another one.

  2. Are you sure that's not Ralphie? I think I see a bb gun propped up behind that cabinet there.

  3. He sure does look like Ralphie, doesn't he??? We have been saying that since he was a baby!


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