Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Celebrating Fall - Porch-style!!!

Although the temps here have jumped back up to scorching summer levels, I am still eagerly anticipating the arrival of Fall.  In fact, the Porch is now decked out for the upcoming season....

A quick trip to WalMart over the weekend yielded mums for the planter box and clay pots.  The buds are still a little tight, but with each passing day the colorful blooms peek out a tiny bit more.

 The Porch is small, so I am really trying hard not to overdo it.  But, I have to get some favorites out there - after all, they've been with me for several years now....

And there are a couple of new things that just begged to come home with me from the store this the chimes and the scarecrow....

And this fun tin pumpkin on a stake....God bless Hobby Lobby and those 40%-50% off sales!

Hey, look at this old battered wreath that had somehow landed behind piles of "stuff" in the garage.  Gave it a good "blowing off" with the air compressor, fluffed the bow a bit, and now it says "WELCOME" at the side kitchen door....

I don't know why I get so excited about decorating for Fall.......I just do!  And here in a couple of weeks, when we hit October, I will layer in all the fun Halloween stuff that we have accumulated over the years.  So, it's a two-part event!

I am linking up with This Blessed Nest's "FALL FESTIVAL" today.  Just click HERE here to get tons of Autumn Inspiration!

Now, I'm off to rock on the Porch for a bit....



  1. You did a great job!!!! Wish I could come over and sit with you out there.

  2. Your porch looks so good.. you have inspired me to get out [hmmm Hubby will need to go digging for it in storage..) the harvest decor ... I love the earthy feel of harvest .. followed by Christmas. My fav. season autumn .. my holiday Christmas!!! Can't wait to see the 2nd layer on your already gorgeous design!! HHL

  3. It looks fabulous!!! I love all the little touches and especially the mums. I love mums! They just make me happy! I always buy some for the porch and promptly kill them, but I do love them!

  4. you rock on with your sassy autumn porch! what a lovely place to sit & enjoy. mums are just so beautiful with the deep colors for FALL. they are perfection when they are in full bloom.

    thanks for linking up again with the FALL FESTIVAL! it was a pleasure having you for week 3.

    take care!

    enjoy your porch time. there's nothing like it!

  5. Hi Jane! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hi. You have a beautiful family!! Your porch is awesome! I love porches... my dirty little secret right now is that my porch is pretty pathetic looking compared to the inside of the house!! I guess that's my next project! Thanks for the inspiration! Angie xo


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