Monday, September 20, 2010

This Summer's "Hair-morphosis"

Since I put my new profile picture up, I have gotten several comments about my hair - mostly the length, or lack thereof!

So, I thought I would share my "hair-morphosis" over this summer with y'all.

Yes, I started out with longer was all one length, except for the super long bangs which never seemed to catch up! 

Sometimes, I took the time to curl it with a large-barreled curling iron....other times, I just blow-dried it straight and let the ends flip up a bit.

But, mostly, I ended up doing this.....

or this....because I didn't feel like making the fuss.

I asked Kippi, my favorite stylist of all time, to add some long layers for body and wore it this way for a few weeks....a nice enough change, but still required too much effort.

As the weather warmed, along about the beginning of May, I decided to have several inches taken off for this shorter bob.

It worked well most of the time....but, then I joined the gym, and hair really became an issue for me.  It wasn't quite long enough to stay put in a ponytail and it was very hot and sweaty. 

So, off I went to have it shortened a bit and layered up.  I have no photos from this period because, well, it was very brief!  It required too much time to style and when I would lay down on the bench in BodyPump, it would turn into a sweaty, flattened MESS!  It had absolutely zero recover-ability from the gym!

Off to Kippi, once again.  This time I said "Let's take it off!"  And we did!  This one worked well for the gym, but I was not quite pleased with the results....I needed to make one more change.....

And, here is where we are now!  I looked at this photo taken a couple of days after it was cut and thought...."Wow.  My hair is SHORT!"

What can I say?  It was either go with bangs - or Botox!  Bangs won out. 

But, now that the fresh-cut feeling has worn off, I am loving it!!!  Something about having short hair is very liberating.  I feel a bit more sassy....maybe even a bit younger, without all that hair weighing me down.

So, that is how my "hair-morphosis" went.  I'm sure it is probably not over yet!  Who knows what I will do next?!?!?  But, I guess that is part of being a woman - never quite satisfied with ourselves and always making little "tweaks".  Aren't you the same way?  At least a little bit???

Rockin' and lovin' my short "do".....



  1. Your long hair was very pretty but your short hair is absolutely adorable and you look very sweet and sassy. Love the shorter look on you!

  2. All the steps you took looked lovely ... I think the shorter hair brings out your eyes... I have naturally curly hair - so to go short would actually be more maintenance... HHL

  3. Your short hair looks great! Love the color too. Is that your natural color? I'm thinking of going blonde next time. (My hair is highlighted now). If not natural (looks very natural), do you know what the shade of your hair is called?


  4. Thanks for the comments, Ladies!

    Rhonda, you are the Queen of Sassy - so I take this as a grand compliment from you, girl! Although, sometimes our "sassiness" gets us in trouble. LOL

    Paula, you are always so sweet and kind with your words!

    HHL, you know that all us girls with straight hair would die for curly hair, don't you?!?!?!?

    Carol, I went gray prematurely in my mid-30's. Not a "pretty" gray, either, so I've been coloring it myself for years! It is very resistant to color, so I have to go lighter - anything darker than this just won't "hold" and fades out. I use Garnier Nutrisse haircolor, in Medium Natural Blonde. Anything warmer (with red in it) fades to pink. Anything with ash in it just looks beige. So this is what I ended up with, by default! Good luck with going blonde! I think "blondes" really do have more FUN!

  5. I think you look absolutely beautiful with long and short hair. You are one of those lucky women who can wear their hair any way and it looks fabulous! I love the short hair and long bangs, but you are too cute with the short short hair! You are just beautiful, but it isn't all on the outside! You are just a sweet person on the inside and it shines out of you!

  6. I think short hair looks great on you, Jane! I've always wished I could pull it off.

  7. Kathryn and Amanda - thanks for stopping by the Porch!

    Amanda, I think your long blonde hair suits you perfectly!

    Kathryn, what can I say? Except "thank you" for the lovely compliment! You just made my day - maybe even my week, girl!

  8. You look beautiful!!!!
    I've been doing the same thing....shorter and shorter...and loving it too!


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