Friday, September 24, 2010

Preparing for a Trip....Oh, My!!!

Nothing says "Fall" in Texas quite like Friday Night Football!  And this week the Bowie Jackrabbits are celebrating Homecoming with lots of festivities.  This is important because......Bowie is Eddie's hometown and he was a "mighty Jackrabbit" once upon a time!  So, we are headed out for the three-hour trip to attend the celebration.

Now, I have consulted with two of his sisters who are also attending the events (one is flying in from California; the other lives here in Abilene).  I say to them, "What does one wear to Bowie's Homecoming and reunion activities?"  From one sister I get a response which can be summarized as "I'm not, I'm gonna throw my whole closet at 'em!"  From the other, "Probably casual, but you know it will be hotter than Hades!"

Hmmmmmm.....not much help, huh?  LOL.

So, I decided to take Eddie's approach to packing for a trip.  Here it is in a nutshell:

  • Take jeans!  (Always a "wardrobe staple" - can be dressed up or down, right?)
  • Black shoes and belt; brown shoes and belt  (Being a woman, I must add black purse and brown purse.)
  • Assorted shirts in different weights and styles that can be paired with either/or brown and black accessories. 
So, I hit my closet.....then did a bit of shopping because, to be honest, some of my clothes just aren't fitting anymore since I've been going to the gym!  (And I am loving that "problem"!)

Here is what I will be packing.....

Jeans in my new size - all purchased on sale or using Eddie's discount at Academy.  All in lower rise style and boot cut.  And, since it is still pretty warm here, I have thrown in a couple of pairs of denim capri's....

Brown belt and black belt - new purchases (Relic belts 40% off at Kohl's and I had a $10 off coupon!) because I did not own a belt that would fit lower on the hips with new jean styles.

Brown Clark's mules - my only real "splurge".  I have been wanting them anyway and really, really needed them.  My old brown clogs were 7 years old and on their last lap!  I will get lots of mileage out of these, trust me.

Black "Yellowbox" blingy flip-flops - already had these, along with black wedge slip-on's (just in case I need something a little dressier than flip-flops - although, I don't know how you can get dressier than giant rhinestones on black patent leather flip-flops).

Black purse - check; brown purse - check!

You notice three simple little tee' beige, red and green.  For traveling and an extra change in between activities.  You just never know when you might need a spare and they don't take up much room.

Now, for the "shirts".....

Far right shirt was a steal I got from a vendor at the recent West Texas Fair & Rodeo - $7.99!

This one, I picked up at Ross for $10.99.  How can you go wrong with black???  And the little ruffles and flower/ribbon embellishments seem to be pretty hot right now.....

I love this one from Reba's collection at Dillards.  I love her clothing line, but find it to be a bit Pricey!  However, this one was marked down on the clearance rack, so I snagged it for 60% off.

And finally, this blingy little number - another deal from that vendor at the Fair - $7.99!  (Very similar shirts in Reba's collection run $78.)

There you have it.  For better or worse, that is all I am packing for this trip!  (Well, I will be adding undergarments, of course!  But, I didn't think I should photograph them!)  I can mix and match whatever tops and bottoms suit me when I get there.  I can dress up or down a bit with accessories.

But, above all, I'm just not going to "sweat it" anymore!  I have just exhausted myself worrying about it....

Do you do this when preparing for a trip, especially when you're not sure quite what to expect from a "fashion perspective"?  Please, tell me I'm not the only woman who agonizes over clothes....

By the time this posts, we will be on the road, headed to Bowie.  So, see you again after the Weekend!!!



  1. Oh my dear you are not the only one!!! For me its actually a day to day thing ... I wish it was just for trips.

    Congrats on the "new" size, hearing that someone is seeing progress inspires me to keep up with my gym program!!!!

    You are going t look amazing!!! Enjoy your trip heres to your team winning!!!XO HHL

    P.S. thank you for the sweet comments on Dolce.

  2. Yes, Jane!!! and you have to pack the matching shoes/purse/belt, etc. The choices look great and versatile and happenin'!
    Have a wonderful weekend, and see you when you get back!

  3. You sound just like me! :-) You just never know what the temperature will be in Texas or what others may term "casual". You have some gorgeous buys here and yes, I love the bling! :) The brown shoes are my style also but I would choose black as I need new black shoes. Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a great time ~


  4. Hi Jane,
    Okay, I'm going to be gentle: Do you think you just might have packed a teeny, tiny bit MUCH for a weekend trip? Oh my!! That's a lot of clothes. But, I understand your desire to wear the right thing, and often there's no way of knowing ahead of time. So bring the entire closet! At least you don't have to check your bag! I try to pack light and then later I usually regret it!
    Have a really fun time. Homecoming is exciting!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  5. I am the exact same way! I hate packing for myself and always worry if it will work. It looks like you have some great pieces that will mix and match well! You will knock them dead!

  6. I used to love to pack and plan a wardrobe. Now, I just never go anywhere. Yours looks fantastic. Love the tops! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. We all the same. Women always pack the best.

    Hope you have a wonderful week-end. Enjoy the fullest.

    Have a happy TS Day.

    Greetings from chilly STOCKHOLMER,


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