Friday, October 1, 2010

Catching Up and Catching Our Breath...

What a week!  This is my first chance to relax on The Porch and share a bit about it with you....

First of all, let me tell you that Eddie and I had a terrific time with his sisters at their homecoming/reunion in Bowie last weekend! 

Eddie's beautiful sisters, Beverly and LeeAnne
 **Remember all my worry and fussing over "what to wear"?  (Click here if you need your memory refreshed!)  Well, all that worry was for naught.  Once we arrived, I realized that my decision to just take jeans and various coordinating tops, shoes and belts was right on target!  All the activities were very casual and I felt totally comfortable with my selections.  And, for those of you who subtly suggested I might be overpacking for a weekend trip, I have to tell you ~ between travel clothes and changing for different activities, I utilized every piece of clothing I packed except the black rosette top and the beige tee!**

As for the reunion itself, it was great to see Eddie reunite with his old friends and interact with them after so many years.  Occasionally, he would turn to me and just grin, like a little kid.  He had so much fun! 

The Three Amigos - Mike, Jim and Eddie - reunited

Eddie with Jim and Vickie

We made two runs across the Red River to The Peach Orchard, one of his old haunts where they only serve fried foods.  (Seriously!?!?!?!  See the menu on the wall?  All fried.....catfish, shrimp, oysters, chicken or steak fingers....)

Part of the large group that gathered at The Peach Orchard
Now, that we have returned from our little weekend jaunt, I have been busy around the house.  Monday was spent in a whirlwind of cleaning ~ laundering and rehanging curtains, cleaning ceiling fans and mini-blinds, wiping down baseboards.  You  know, all that stuff that you don't get done on a regular basis but you wake up one day and notice that it really needs doing!

And STUDYING was a huge priority this week!  I finally finished my last course of the seven 30-hour courses that are required in order to make application to take the state's real estate licensing exam.  Woohoo!  Today, all those beautiful certificates of completion get mailed off to the Texas Real Estate Commission for certification.  Once that is done, I will be able to file a formal application to take the Big Test!  I am getting there ~ slowly, but surely. 

So, blogging got a bit neglected this week.  It's not the first time ~ and it won't be the last!  But, I'm sure most of you can relate....

And here it is....October!  My focus now shifts to a whole new "to do" list.  My stepdaughter's wedding is just five short weeks away and it's time to do some serious shopping for a dress.  Sons, Ben and Sam, are moving into their first apartment this weekend and I promised to least that way, I can be sure there is liner in their kitchen cabinets (I don't think boys care too much about this sort of thing, but it's important to me).  I need to sign up for a crash prep course in Austin for the big real estate test....and take the test!  And there's more Fall and Halloween decor to drag out and put up.....

I just made myself tired writing it all down!  Guess it's time to get busy....

Have a fabulous Friday!



  1. Sounds like it was a great success!!! Yeah for your packing choices...

    Congratulations on getting that last course complete .. and bes wishes for your upcoming exam... Wishing you a wonderful week-end..HHL

  2. It was a good time made more enjoyable by the fact you were there to share it with me.

  3. I'd pack the same way! You never know what you'll need. Glad you had a great time!

  4. Happy to read that your weekend trip was a ton of fun but my goodness your next few weeks are going to keep you hopping. Best wishes with all the wedding prep you may be helping with, hope the move goes well for the boys and good luck on your last course and then your exams! Wow, you are going to be a realtor soon!

  5. I'm exhausted reading this! :-) Seriously, you have a HUGE to do list going...remember to slow down and smell the roses or the mums or apples or cinnamon, now that we're into fall. So happy you had a great time last weekend ~ great pics. I would have packed the same way ~ that's just what we do.

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  6. Hi Jane! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Congrats on finishing your last course! That must be a huge relief! Thanks again for the Versatile Blogger award! Forgive me, but I haven't had a change to do a post for it yet! Hopefully I will have a chance this week, no that a crazy September is over! Angie xo


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