Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One of "Those Days".....

Just checking the calender....because this sure feels like a Monday to me....

It started out great.  I got up early enough to have a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal...and enjoy some "quiet time" on the Porch.  Then, while Ed dropped Jake off for a day at the groomer, I was off to the gym for an early BodyPump class, which made me feel wonderfully strong and fit. 

When I returned home, I went after it full throttle!  I buzzed around the house, making the bed and straightening up; started the pinto beans I soaked overnight in the Crockpot; bathed both of the little dogs and clipped their nails; and made a run to the grocery store.  I was like a whirling dervish, accomplishing a great deal before noon.  I even went on my brisk 30-minute walk and was feeling pretty good about the day!

Since I was making a favorite of ours for dinner, I browned up a big pan of ground beef and onions.  I even prepared enough for another meal later in the week ~ so smart, eh?  The telephone rings and I run to the groomer to pick Jake up from his "spa day", then return home to bake up a batch of cornbread in my grandmother's old cast-iron skillet.  I'm feeling like I'm on fire here....getting so much done!

Then I got ready to add the browned beef and a can of Rotel diced green chiles and tomatoes to the simmering beans....and the day turns to crap in about an instant! 

The beans, despite simmering all day, were the consistency of wax!  Yikes!!!  Really?!?!?!?  I did everything the way I usually do it, but the beans just weren't getting nice and soft.  Of course, this means that when Ed arrived home for his dinner break, I served him still-hard beans.   It was awful....I felt miserable about it....even though the cornbread turned out heavenly. 

Since the debacle called "dinner" and Ed's return to work, I have just been sitting on the sofa, flipping channels, letting the beans continue to simmer (and still remain the consistency of candle chips) and feeling inadequate.  Pitiful, huh? 

Yep, pitiful.....that I should feel that way when I accomplished so much today and put alot of time, love and effort into making our Home a good place to be.  I took care of my body, my pets, my home and my husband!  I should be proud of that....not letting my Joy in those accomplishments be robbed because of spilt milk ~ or in this case, sucky beans!

So, I'm admitting that, like so many women, I measured my Worth today by a yardstick of accomplishments.  And I'm telling you that, like so many others, I found myself disappointed because I did not achieve Perfection.  Isn't that typical???

Here's my goal for tomorrow ~ to get done what I need to do without being totally wrapped up in the end result.  If I am trying to achieve Perfection in every act, I am going to end up feeling inadequate.  So, I am determined to put the quest for Perfection out of my mind....and instead just do my best and be pleased with my effort. 

Have you ever had a day like this?  C'mon, I know I can't be the only one who lets things like this foul up their day. 

So, now off to get a good night's sleep because tomorrow is a brand new day....and I get a fresh start.  Thank God for fresh starts!!!

Until next time....



  1. At least the first part of your day went well. I think you have a good game plan for tomorrow. And I went through the entire day today thinking it was Monday too.

  2. Oh my dear I wishing your tomorrow is filled with appreciation of yourself and ALL that you do. I know that feeling in the pit of your tummy when things just don't go as you "feel" they should. With all that I KNOW I have accomplished I still have my days when I "feel" why didn't I have enough energy, or when will I manage to figure out how to do ABC ... now.

    Your a great mother and wife .. you do so much ... try and give yourself a little break.... HHL

  3. that is so like something I would do! Thanks for the reminder to give ourselves a break.

  4. Hey lady, "perfect" should not be in your vocabulary. :) Striving for perfection leads to disappointment and unkind words said to one self. I used to do that to me but I really, really work hard at NOT doing that now. We all make mistakes or have a yucky day ~ that's being human and a part of life. You are dynamite and accomplished more than I can even think about without being exhausted! :) Focus on all the good stuff you did! That's a great list if you will make it.


  5. they were't that bad! and the cornbread was killer!

  6. Thanks for the encouraging comments, y'all! Glad to report that the beans were finally edible after about 11 hours in the crockpot. LOL.

  7. You are way too hard on yourself. It's just beans and you should not give a hill of beans about what you see as an *imperfect* dinner. Your husband will be at the table for the next meal you serve...not because it's perfect but because YOU took the time to make it for him. Give yourself a big hug, you deserve it...always ♥

  8. You and I could be twins separate at birth. I completely identify with what you've said. I can have a list of accomplishments for the day - even perfectly completed accomplishments but one failure - or one task that did turn out the way I expected (worse yet, whose outcome was criticized by anyone) will define my day and completely take the wind out of my sails. We need to stop that!!


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