Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So Much for Which to Be Grateful!!!

Wow!  It's hard to believe that I published my first post as a blogger here at Janie's Porch on October 23, 2009!!!    Here's a flashback to my first attempt at blogging....please don't laugh.

This was my first header photo....

Our porch in Pampa, all decked out for Fall
 And this was the first photo I was static, always appearing beneath my post, because I had not yet figured out how to insert a photo within a post.  (Yep, it took awhile to figure it out!)

Autumn arrangement on our dining room table
As I stare my first blogiversary in the face this week, I have to reflect on what a wild and crazy ride this last year has been....

So much has changed! 
  • Our lives were thrown into a state of turmoil when Ed's job came to an abrupt end just nine days before Christmas last say we spent the Christmas holidays in a state of shock is an understatement.
  • My daughter's marriage disintegrated and an ugly divorce ensued as the new year unfolded.
  • We made the decision to relocate from Pampa to Abilene, putting our house there on the market the first week of the year, traditionally one of the slowest periods in the real estate market.
  • We found the perfect little fixer-upper in our first choice of neighborhoods in Abilene.
  • We had a contract on our house in Pampa in three days....and on the same day we put in an offer on our new place!
  • We went through some extensive remodeling on our new home....remember when we had no kitchen for about six weeks?!?!?!
  • Ed got his "dream job" working in the hunting and fishing department at a major sporting goods store and, in just a few short months, that part-time job has grown into a full-time job as the department team lead.
  • I realized my future did not lie in the legal business and I decided to follow my dream of becoming a licensed real estate salesperson.
  • My son, Ben, decided to leave his studies at Texas Tech and returned home to Abilene to start a new job.
  • My other son, Sam, graduated from high school.....all three kids are officially "grown up" now!
  • I joined a health club and started changing my life and my body....all for the better!
  • We got Bonnie all moved and set up in a new home with the grandbabies.
  • The boys got into their first "real" jobs and an apartment together....a major milestone.
That's just a summary of some of the life-changing events that we've been through in the short year since I started blogging! 

As I reflect on all the changes, I am in awe at how everything has worked out.  Even those circumstances that seemed overwhelming and filled with despair at the time have turned out alright.  Through it all, God has cleared the way and lit the path for us to follow.  What blessings have come out of all the trials!!!  We get to spend more time with Family.  We have learned to live a "leaner" lifestyle.  We have learned to trust more.

My heart is filled with the brim!  I don't say it enough....I sometimes get lax in giving thanks.  Shame on me!  I let the little things bother me, get me down, make me doubt.  Double shame!!

Sometimes it is good just to stop and count our blessings, even write them down.  Expressing Gratitude for those blessings is a worthy exercise for our spirit and mind, something we should always make the time to do. 

I am linking up with Heidi at "Heart and Home" for Wednesday Gratitude.  I hope you will pop over and check out not only Heidi's beautiful blog but some of the other posts as well.  I guarantee you will be inspired and encouraged to practice Gratitude in your own life! 

Now, I am going to get out and enjoy this beautiful Autumn day....yet another blessing!  The sun has started its ascent into the cloudless blue sky over our cozy little house......

and the fallen leaves on the lawn and porch tell the story of the changing season.....

I challenge you to practice Gratitude today.  Look around and be very aware of the many blessings, large and small, in your life! 

Until next time,



  1. Congrats on 1 year of blogging!!!! Hopefully no more bad news this year! you stay sweet as always!


  2. Happy Blogiversary!!! What a tough year, but look how you have persevered and how much your lives have changed for the better! I am so proud of you!

  3. Hi Janie,
    Congratulations on one year blogging! Time flies when you spend all of it in front of the computer, doesn't it? (that's just a small exaggeration, right?)
    As always, your post is perfect for today and for what I'm feeling. The last 3 weeks have been the most difficult in my life, and yet I find myself experiencing even more gratitude that ever - for all the blessings in my life and the small details that make this life uniquely MINE. For those I am so grateful, and I try to remain aware and mindful every day.
    Thank you for all your kind words of support over the last few weeks, and thank you for linking up for Wednesday Gratitude.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  4. Congratulations on the milestone. You've had an amazing year!!! Glad that things are looking up for you guys!

  5. Jane,
    So many difficult changes, but so much more blessing! Congratulations on one year of blogging!
    Gratitude is one of our greatest blessings.

  6. I think your heart is always a little lighter and your peace of mind a little sweeter when you can take the time to reflect and give thanks daily. When you do, it reminds you that your not the ONE in charge.

  7. Has it really been a year? so little time so much happening. thank you for sharing it with me.
    Love you

  8. Hi Jane!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting the Follow Friday 40 and Over Blog Hop!

    I am now following you. Please follow me if you haven't already done so!!

    I would also like to invite you to join the Over 40 Bloggers Club!! Take a look and join in the fun!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!


  9. Happy Anniversary. So much has happened in your life in the last year. Glad that things seemed to have worked themselves out for the best.

  10. Happy 1st Blog Anniversary and congratulations to your husband on the permanent job status and the promotion. Glad that your family came through the last year O.K. and all the stronger for the trails. Continued best wishes for another great year of blogging!

  11. Beautiful post my friend! When it appears as though our lives are turned upside down and there are a ton of ?'s in our hearts & minds, He always comes through with something even better for us. I'm glad you shared this experience.


  12. That was an amazing post. You certainly had a full year! I am so glad that you are able to look back on this year and see how God has worked through your life and blessed you and your family. Thank you for sharing this wild ride with us. I am a new passenger, but I really have enjoyed it so far! ;)


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