Sunday, October 3, 2010

Signs of the Season....

The weather here is definitely speaking the language of "FALL" the last few days. 

This weekend has absolutely been the best!!!  A beautiful, mild and sunny Indian Summer day dawning particularly cool, cloudy and crisp.  (My morning walk required long pants and a sweat jacket, zipped to the top....but, it felt wonderful to push myself to break a sweat in the milder temperature!)

A few signs that AUTUMN has really and truly arrived...

Pumpkin Spice Latte (low-fat, hold the cream, please) at Starbucks!  Yep, I indulged.....
can you say "OMG, Yummalicious!"?!?!?

And when I went to the grocery store for a few things, I couldn't resist these....after all, I am a confessed "punkin-holic", remember???

The mums around my front porch have gone blooming mad! 

 Not to be outdone, this lantana is making a strong showing with beautiful shades of red and orange....

And, while my allergies are giving me Major Fits (and I should be buying stock in Kleenex and Benadryl), I am totally enjoying this time of the year!!! 

I'm plotting and planning on prepping The Porch for, stay tuned for that in the coming days....

Are you enjoying the change in the seasons?  What plans do you have up your sleeve to celebrate this harvest time of the year? 

Catch ya later....



  1. Jane .. your flowers look all ready for the season... can't wait to see what tricks & treats you have up your sleeve for Halloween decor...HHL

  2. Beautiful flowers! I wish we had a Starbucks, that sounds delicious! We have nothing but Walmart in our whole town! Of course you noticed that.LOL Thanks for visiting. We don't even have a True Value! LOL

  3. Love your new blog header. All ready for Fall and looking beautiful as always!


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