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Confessions of a Punkin'-holic....

My name is Jane.....and I am.....a Punkin'-holic!

Yep, you heard me right.  I am obsessed with all things PUMPKIN!

That's probably why Autumn is my favorite season ~ I can let my addiction 'all hang out" and fit right in. 

You see, I love everything about pumpkins....from the color....

to the feel ~ especially the sorta bumpy ones....

to the "thunk" they make when you thump 'em!

I love 'em big and lopsided....
and tiny and perfect.

I love 'em carved....

or whole.

Glass ones....

Wooden ones....

Tin pumpkins.....

~  they need not even be orange.

By the way, I adore these little pumpkin snacks.  Yeah, I know - they're kinda gross looking, but they really taste Yum-a-licious!

You know, the first time Eddie and I shopped together for pumpkins, I had to give him the crash course in selecting the perfect one.  You see, he didn't know about "stemmage".  And it's all about "stemmage" ~ trust me!  The stem needs to be long and intact ~ the more gnarly, the better. 

If you can find one with these little tendril-thingies still intact, you have hit the jackpot!

I've been known to pile up to a dozen pumpkins on my front porch for the months of October and November, allowing Eddie to carve only three or four of my least favorites for Halloween.
(Like this one he did in 2008 to celebrate Texas Tech's victory over University of Texas.  Guns up!!!) 

On one occasion, I even pulled over on a deserted country highway and dashed into an already-harvested pumpkin field - in the snow - to rescue a couple of left-over, perfectly good pumpkins that got left behind!  (Okay, I know, that probably wasn't smart - or legal - but they were freezing out there!!!)

I'm already cruising the aisles of the produce department of WalMart and the grocery store, waiting for this year's pumpkins to make their appearance.  I know they're coming.... and soon.  Why just this week, I saw a trio of them at the Farmers' Market, so they must be headed this way! 

Oh, hurry, hurry, all you Precious Punkins'....I just wanna bring you home with me! 

Whew!  You know, I feel better already, having made this confession!

Will be meeting up here on a regular basis throughout the season, so if you're ready to take that step....

and admit your love of this amazing orange vegetable, in all its splendor and glory....

you are more than Welcome to do so! 




  1. Jane, I feel your joy. I set up an alter to the pumpkin every year on my dining room table. I even named one of my autumn necklaces, Pumpkin Patch. I love reading your blog, you inspire me.

  2. "Alter to the pumpkin"....I love that! And, girl, your jewelry inspires me...I want every single piece I see! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi, Jane, and thanks for your sweet comment!
    I do love pumpkins too. Plus I love eating them!
    Beautiful autumn post!

  4. Oh, and I checked out your hubby's blog. Think Mister and I share the same views!
    You and I have a lot in common - I met Mister as a single mom not looking for a husband, I was 40 when we married, you and I graduated from HS the same year, Mister is a wonderful stepdad to my daughter, and he's just a couple of years older than your hubby. It is wonderful to be married to a good and godly man that is so fun to be with!

  5. I love it!!!! I have to say I do enjoy a nice pumpkin or two myself and you are absolutely right... stemmage is very important! Love your short sassy hairdo!!!

  6. Oh, Carol, we do have a lot in common! One of the things I love most about blogging is all of the great people I meet. I am so glad you stopped by the Porch and I look forward to getting to know you better through your beautiful blog!

    Kathryn, I am so glad you get it about the stemmage! LOL.

  7. I love pumpkins too! I really love the little debbie cakes! I will have to look for those the next time I go to the store! I'm your newest follower! I love your fall porch too!

    Take care!

  8. OMG, what a funny post !
    You do have a problem, LOL ! I think maybe you should see if there is a local Pumpkins Anonoymus....they may have a program for you...hee hee.
    Loved your story on my comment section about your dog and the cute ! You are a
    great story teller !
    Have a great day !

  9. I love pumpkins too. I would love to get some of those heirloom ones that are flatter and have deeper grooves. I will have to grow them. I find my collection of faux ones getting bigger every year. Oh, and couldn't agree more stemmage is key to the perfect pumpkin. Thanks for visiting.

  10. Pumpkins just say Fall all over them, don't they? I love all your pumpkins! I have quiet a few myself. Thanks for sharing!


  11. You certainly have taught me alot about pumpkins Jane!! I have never bought one before....shame on me!! But do you know what? I am going to now....Have no idea what I am going to do with it Love your new blog header and your hair looks lovely!! In your last photo you had long hairxxx

  12. Pumpkins certainly are a fixture of fall! Cute post. You need to substitute for me when I take my 3k class, my 4K class, my 5 year old (for his class' field trip), and my 4 year old (for HIS class' field trip) to the Pumpkin Patch on different days in October. That's basically one full week of pumpkins. :)

    Stopping by from roll called in front of me. :)


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