Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Day for Which I Am Grateful...

This past weekend, I had the opportunity take a little day trip up to Lubbock to see an uncle who was in Texas, visiting from California.  I haven't seen Uncle Roy, my mother's younger brother, in about 15 this visit was long overdue.

I was worn out from preparing for and helping host our granddaughter's 4th birthday party at our house on Saturday afternoon.  In addition, I had a stuffy head, sore throat and itchy eyes from a full-blown allergy attack, but I was determined to make it up to see him on his last full day in Texas.  So, I stopped at the convenience store on my way out of town to gas up the car and grab a coffee.  The drive takes about 2-1/4 hours and I was there before lunch.

My mother had gone up on Thursday to spend  a few days with her sisters and get in a longer visit with Roy.  When I arrived, it was as if the years melted away....and I was little Jane Kimberley, with my uncles teasing me all over again. 

The temperature was mild and we spent most of the time on Aunt Liz's screened in porch.  She had made her famous banana pudding, a yummy rum cake and a big ol' pot of beans.  A cousin and her husband, in from Fort Worth, had brought a smoked brisket.  We enjoyed a big meal together, plates perched in our laps and styrofoam cups of tea with our names pencilled on the them sitting close at hand.

It was delightful and entertaining to watch my mother, her two younger brothers, and her two older sisters interact.  They talked about their childhood, sometimes quibbling over details of certain incidents.  (However, they were all in agreement about Roy pulling all the orange pom-poms off the trim of their mother's new curtains!)  We all laughed and sighed over their shared memories.  They posed for pictures, exchanged e-mail addresses, and had second helpings of banana pudding.

The Thornburg Offspring - Kenneth, Becky, Linda, Roy Jr. (l to r); Elizabeth (seated)

When it was time to say goodbye, all the sisters teared up.  They stood in the drive and waved until my uncle's truck turned the corner.  Then, we went inside and had a second helping of rum cake.

As the day wound down, I too said my goodbyes and got back on the road.  But, I found myself dawdling a bit on the way home.  After about 40 miles on the road, I pulled over at a rest area perched at the edge of the escarpment of the Llano Estacado just outside Post.  The sun was getting lower.....making my shadow long.....

While I was here, I gazed in awe at the can see for miles and miles.....

And I still had miles and miles to go, so I got back on the road.

I pulled over again, about another 30 miles down the road.  I don't know why, but I only stopped briefly and pulled out my camera again.  The sun was sinking lower still and I was struck by the simple beauty of this telephone pole against the sky, a cloud covering the sun....

Pushing on home, I stopped only one more time.  Although I was driving with the sun setting over my right shoulder, I could tell when it was about to dip below the horizon.  So, I swung onto a little gravel road beside a cotton field, just outside Roscoe.  There is a long stretch of wind turbines running on either side of the highway for at least 20's almost mind-boggling to see so many of them.  There I watched the sun finish its descent.

I could almost hear it sigh as it's journey for the day was finished and it sank below the horizon....

As I arrived home and the puppies all greeted me with glee, I reflected on what  a wonderful day it had been.  Truly a blessing!  The time spent with Family....the time spent alone on the road....the laughter and hugs....the quiet moments enjoying the beauty of Nature.  My heart was filled with Gratitude for a day well spent.

I am linking up with Heidi over at Heart and Home for Wednesday Gratitude.  Just click HERE to be inspired by beautiful words and images from many a Grateful Heart.

Have you experienced a day like this recently?  A day that will lodge happy memories in your Heart and cause you to stop and smile in remembrance?  Oh, I hope so!

Until next time....



  1. Wonderful pictures ... and how wonderful that your family was able to get together ... making more memories... HHL

  2. Hi Jane,
    I adore your Gratitude posts, they are always to thoughtful and heartfelt. You seem like a very sensitive and "in tune" person. I love how much joy you find in your daily life, in all the routines and comings and goings, you always manage to find something beautiful to write about. I admire you! Thanks for linking up,
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  3. Hi,
    It's wonderful to find another Texan! I love your post and yes, family is what it's all about. I have a dear friend that lives in Brownfield, near Lubbock. This post reminds me of her. :-) Thanks so much for sharing the special moments with loved ones and the photos. I guess I'm your newest follower!

    Have a wonderful week and stop by when you can ~

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day, it's always nice to reconnect with family. I find when I have time to reflect after such a visit, it really is food for the soul. I always seem to think about how people you love touch you in so many ways and what I can do to reciprocate the feeling.

  5. What a wonderful and beautiful post! A day to remember definitely!


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