Saturday, September 4, 2010

Super Simple Autumn Snack Idea...

Autumn decor fills the aisles of Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  Halloween candy is already out at the grocery store.  With the cooler weather we've enjoyed here the last couple of days, it is obvious that Fall is just around the corner!  YIPPEE!!!

That being the case, I wanted to share this super simple snack idea for this time of year.  A nutritionist/registered dietician friend of mine turned me on to it last year.  Thanks a million, Barbara!!! 

 Simply combine one large bag of traditional candy corn and one can of lightly salted cocktail peanuts.  Voila!  This mix is declared healthy enough to snack on - guilt-free!  And each bite tastes like a Payday candy bar - honestly, it does. 

Candy corn has zero fat and the fat in the peanuts is the "good "kind of fat.  Plus, the nuts are a great source of protein on the go.  Put them together and you have yummaliciousness to the max! 

So, go ahead and try a bite.  Bet ya love it! 

Healthy munchin'!!!



  1. What a great snack idea! I love your new blog header Janie :)

  2. I tried this last year and it is awesome!!!!!! Love it displayed in the cute pumpkin bowl!

  3. Thanks for the comment love, Ladies! You know, that pumpkin chocked full of candy corn and peanuts only lasted two days here at our house! Turns out my husband loves it!!! ~ Jane


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