Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Day Off With Eddie....

What a wonderful day off - right here in the middle of the week.

My Husband is one of the hardest working men I have ever known!  Since he works in the retail industry, he has to work a lot of weekends.  Bummer!  But, it also means he has a day or two off in the middle of the week....a day we get to enjoy together while the rest of the world is working.

For those of you who don't know him, this is Eddie.
 I truly look forward to these days off!  Of course, there's always something that needs to be done....like today, it was the yard that needed mowing.  But, we worked together on that and, I must say - we make a "bang up" team!  I mow, sweep and clean up; he edges and does the "weed whacking".  When we were all done today, our little house sparkled like a gem!

Just look at that professional edging job!
Once we get the "honey-do" list done, we get to play some.  Today, we decided to hit the local Farmers' Market.  Pepper bounced and bounced, begging to go....so, we gave in....

Pepper always loves to ride along!
The market was smaller than I expected in a town this size, but it was still fun!  We saw alot of squashes, black-eyed peas and cantaloupes and watermelons.  One vendor even had some fresh figs, persimmons and a trio of early pumpkins!  I wanted one soooooo bad, but decided to wait until the real harvest comes in here in a few weeks.  It's early in the season yet.

After the excursion to the market, we headed to the barber shop for Eddie to get a good grooming.  It's a little backyard barber shop - literally, it is in a little building in the barber's backyard!  If he is in the house having a cup of coffee, you just ring the little doorbell on the shop door and he comes out the back gate to the shop.  It was amazing how fast he worked - I think it took all of three minutes for him to clip Eddie's (remaining) hair!

We finally ended up at Lowes to look at garage doors.  Ours is in a sad state of decay - no saving it!  While we there, we played the "Let's Pretend We Have All the $ in the World" game and looked at doors for the front and side entryways.  From the entire selection, we both picked the very same doors for both places!  Guess you could say we are totally in tune on such things.  (Thank goodness!)

Our choice for the front entry....
....and for the side entry.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent with some quality "down time".  The heat from yard work and all the running around had finally zapped us.  For me, this meant curling up with the dogs for a nap; for Eddie, it meant working on his blog.  (If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, just click HERE  for a sample - the man has Passion and an Opinion.)

As evening approached and the temperature outside started to cool, he fired up the grill and cooked some pork kabobs and grilled the summer squash and zucchini we bought fresh this morning.  Oh, gosh, it was wonderful!  How LUCKY am I to be married to a man who LOVES TO COOK?!?!?     

And now the moon has risen, and our day is winding down.  My heart is filled with Gratitude for this day.  It's been a good - no, make that a wonderful - day!  We didn't do anything "special", but we enjoyed working and being together.  That's what made it "special".

I'm linking up with Heart and Home for Wednesday Gratitude and Chatting at the Sky for Tuesday Unwrapped.  I hope you will check out both of these blogs for some wonderful inspiration! 

Did something Simple make your Heart sing today?  I sure hope so!!!



  1. Hi Jane,
    That WAS a good day! I love the simple, happy ones the most I think. Funny how joy can kind of sneak up on you all of a sudden like that! ( I also would be SO grateful for a husband who cooks. Mine is not into it at all unfortunately. I grew up around men who loved to, so it's weird I married a guy who doesnt' know his whisk from a ...well whatever...!)
    Thanks for linking up today, enjoy the rest of the week.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  2. Wow... that sounds like a perfect day! I love spending a day with my husband. Those are the BEST days! Love your puppy picture. We have a weimaraner that LOVES to go for rides. Adorable! :)


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