Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just Watching the Sun Set....Together

Late-in-the-season summer day....still mighty hot here on this Thursday just before Labor Day.  But, it's the day after dove season opens, so Ed and I loaded up the truck and headed out to Noodle, Texas (population, can't be over 50) about 5:30 pm.  He was looking forward to bagging some dove to put in the freezer....I was armed only with my camera.

Thanks to a very gracious friend, we have a place out in the middle of nowhere we can go for hunting and even just target practice, if we want.  He inherited this place from a couple of old bachelor uncles who lived in this now-abandoned house.  

While we're there, it is so still....just the sounds of insects and the breeze in the trees.  The slight wind, bringing in a storm, keeps the humidity down a bit and makes being outside a little more bearable.  The grass and weeds are so tall...thank goodness I wore long jeans and tall boots.  Swatting at flies and gnats around my head and brushing grasshoppers off my legs, I'm thinking to myself - "Oh, Lord, this is going to be a nightmare...."

There's not much to do as we wait for the sun to set and the birds to start moving, but just gaze around.....

And that's when I am struck by the sheer beauty of the place. 

The angle of the sun across the clouds....the darkening clouds as the storm headed our way builds and we hear distant rumblings of thunder. 

The sunset was spectacular!  The waning rays of sunlight caught the tips of the swaying grass and set it aglow.

I closed my eyes and thought of how it must have been to live in this little house way back when, sit on the porch and watch the sunrises and sunsets, listen to the birds and the humming of insects...and the quiet....

Before it gets dark, we dig in the cooler and enjoy sandwiches and cantaloupe brought from home.  Then I break out the oatmeal cookies, baked fresh that afternoon.  I don't know why our little picnic tastes so much better than if it had been consumed in front of the television....but, it's yummy even as the bread crusts dry out quickly in the wind and heat.

We came home empty-handed....but heart-filled with the beauty of the time spent together out in this place.  I have snapped 70+ photos in just a couple of hours, trying to capture the evening forever. 

I love how this outing caught me by surprise.  Sometimes, it's just the simplest things that end up meaning so much.  Do you know what I mean?  I hope you do!

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Strivin' to keep it simple....



  1. What an absolutely lovely post and such a beautiful time for you! Your pictures are stunning. I especially love the last one!

  2. Hi Jane,
    I'm so happy that you had such a lovely day, and that you came home empty handed! I love the little doves, esp. when they are alive!!
    It's wonderful when you are "in the moment" and mindful and able to catch all the specialness of a place and time. You got some great shots, and made lovely memories.
    Thanks for linking up, terrific post!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

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  4. it was fun... and she was nowhere near as bad as Bill Engvall's wife. Jane brought cookies!

  5. Hi! Good to meet you and so glad you found Texas Blogging Gals. You will be on the next updated list. Enjoyed a first visit here. Following.....

    Gotta love that dove hunting.

    Come see me at my personal blog, too, real soon.

  6. Jane thank you for your visit and sweet words. Yes - I agree simple makes a much better life!! I love your blog!!! You have a wonderful family ... Congrats Ben .. on all your achievments!!! Bonnie wishing you all the best - you will be writing a new chapter in your life.. full of new adventures and happiness!! Sam ... that is wonderful that you are working at something you love!!

    As for your Prince ... my hubby too is a hunter (some small game , and deer); sounds like you havea wonderful time together! can't wait to read future posts.

    Your pictures are breathe taking!! I'm your newest follower... XO HHL

  7. I was reminded of the movie "Second Hand Lions" as I looked at the peaceful farmhouse. I know you appreciate having such a place to relax and refelct. Be happy. Be blessed.

  8. You know, we actually talked about how the place reminded us of "Second Hand Lions" while we were sitting out there. LOL. Neither one of us could remember the names of the uncles in the movie, though, and we just saw it again on tv a few weeks ago. Do you remember? Thanks for stopping by!


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