Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Keepsake from Holland

This is my Dad.  He lives here in town, actually quite near us.......

but he spends a lot of his time in Holland.  

He has a lovely friend, Margrit, whom he spends time with there.  They love each other dearly, but it is truly a "long distance relationship", with an ocean between them.  However, they are able to travel back and forth, with visits ranging from a few weeks up to three months, and spend time with each other.  This might seem a little odd for some folks, but all that concerns me is my dad's happiness.  And this seems to make him Happy-with-a-capital-"H".

He just returned a couple of days ago from a 3-month visit.  He escaped the hottest part of our Texas summer to enjoy the milder climate of The Hague.  He seems very taken with the lifestyle there, which can be quite different from our lifestyle here in the US.   Bikes, walking and public transportation are popular forms of transportation because fuel is so expensive and parking comes at a premium.  Many people don't even own an automobile and he says it is not unusual to see an entire family perched on a single bicycle!  So, of course, he has a bike for pedaling around over there.....

On the weekends, they take short train excursions to nearby villages and towns.  He has seen quite a bit of that part of Europe and sent back some lovely photographs.  

He has even been there in the Spring when the tulips are in bloom.....
While there, he has adjusted to going to the market daily to get the ingredients for meals....which include a lot of fresh seafood.  Margrit is a very healthy cook and between the exercise and healthy eating, he was proud to have lost 8 pounds during his latest visit.  

While Daddy is gone, I watch his place for him.  I go by every few days and make sure everything is okay and make arrangements for a man to come mow his lawn.  In appreciation for my doing this, he brought me the most beautiful silk pashmina from Holland.....

It is absolutely gorgeous....I wish the photos did it justice! 

There are so many fabulous colors and patterns in it.  It is quite unique! 

 It will look very striking with a simple black dress and boots.....or even jeans and a solid color long sleeve tee and those new Clarks of mine.  But, since it is just too beautiful to put away between wearings, I have decided to display it in my guest room/office.....

Now, I can enjoy it daily.....and run my fingers across its silkiness any time I want to.....

And be reminded of the special bond I share with my Daddy.

Until next time....



  1. What a wonderful story!! It is so wonderful that your Father has found someone that makes him smile. You are truly a wondeful daughter for sharing in his happiness!!

    You are going to look stunning in the silk pashmina.... HHL

  2. I love this! I'm so happy he is well as Margrit. Sometimes it's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. :-) Holland is absolutely beautiful! Tulips are one of my favorite flowers and it is breathtaking to see them over there.

    The Pashmina is beautiful too ~ lucky you! I'm glad you chose to display it. Something that holds special thoughts and is so gorgeous should be where we can enjoy I think.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  3. That was such a sweet post. I think it's awesome that your dad has someone that makes him happy. And to get to go to Holland a few times a year would be a dream.

  4. Love that your Father has a love and that he still enjoys traveling. Your *quilt look* pashmina is beautiful and your Dad is a dear to have brought it for you. So sweet.


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