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Wish Me LUCK!!!

As I have mentioned before, Ed's daughter is getting married next month.  November 6th, to be exact.  This wedding will be very special, I have no doubt!  Anita has been hard at work planning it for nearly 1-1/2 years!!! 

Now, I have to find an absolutely-drop-dead-gorgeous-suitable-for-the-stepmother-of-the-Bride dress to wear! 

I admit I've been dreading shopping for a dress.....yes, I have.   Mostly because I hate shopping for clothes!  I hate trying on clothes!  I can browse through antique and second-hand shops all day long, but I get nervous thinking about shopping for a piece of clothing such as this.  (Remember what an ordeal it was when I was shopping and preparing for a simple weekend trip to Bowie last month???)

Of course, when I started working out, it was easy to put off the shopping because I was in the process of losing weight and toning up.  I was hopeful that anything I picked 6 months in advance would be too large by the time the wedding rolled around.  (Excuse #1)

Also, it was the wrong "season".....I wanted to wait until the "Fall line" was out before making a selection.  Right???  (Excuse #2)

Well, my weight IS less than it was 6 months ago.  YEA!!!  But, it has pretty much stabilized now that I've gotten to this point.   And my body does LOOK different and I LOVE that!   So....this is no longer a viable excuse.  So long, Excuse #1. 

And, I think we are well enough into the season for anything new to be out there in the stores.  Adios, Excuse #2. 

So, when a girlfriend called earlier this week and suggested we get out and about for a little "Girl Time" this weekend, I jumped all over that!  She can HELP me shop for "the dress"!!!  And one of the things I love most about this friend is that she will always be brutally straight and honest with me.  So, I totally trust her to tell me if something looks great....or awful. 

Although I am still undecided about length, color, style, pretty much everything....I am hopeful that I will be successful when we go shopping on Saturday.

So, wish me luck in this "adventure"....Lord knows, I certainly need it!

Thanks and a big ol' hug!



  1. You will be beautiful! You can always call a local department store and see if they have a personal shopper. They can really help, but if you have a friend who tells it like it is, then you are golden! Oh I can't wait to see!!!

  2. Isn't wonderful to have a friend who you know will be brutally honest ...!! good luck, and I know you are going to stunning!!! HHL

  3. You'll find your dress. It will be fun getting into a smaller size :0) It sounds like it will be a fun wedding.

  4. Visiting you from the friday follow at Nevergrowingold and looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful blog.

    enjoy ur weekend!


  5. I know you'll find the perfect dress...and congrats on the weight loss and toning up!!! Thank you for stopping by Jeremiah 29:11 and leaving me a comment! HOPE you have a blessed weekend!

  6. Jane...I know how you feel! I'm the same way about shopping.
    It will be great to have a friend's perspective. I'm sure you'll find something stunning!

  7. A wedding! YAY! I hear you about shopping for clothes. I am not a fan. I love clothes. I just hate the process. I believe you are going to look stunning no matter what you choose. At least now you can make a girl's day out of it. :) Congrats on your weight loss and body changes. Way to go!

    PS Following and stopping by from Follow Friday via Over 40.

    Hope you drop by too.

  8. Following you from FF. You will find the dress for you. You will have to share how it went next time. Hope you stop by.

  9. You will know when you have found the right dress. You will feel beautiful and comfortable in it.
    Have fun, don't get discouraged and wait for that moment when you look in the mirror and see yourself smiling back at you. It will come and that will be the dress :)

  10. Oh my goodness girl! I have SOOOOOO been right where you are! I was not only a "Step-Monster" to a bride as well but have to dress for many black-tie events for company functions. So, don't know where you live but there is a "Dress Fairy God-Mother" out there...yep she is called "the personal shopper at Nordstroms" and she is THE best thing I have ever done for myself!
    They park you in a big fancy dressing room and bring everything to you, and I mean everything...dresses, shoes, jewelry, hose, Spanx, and even the right undergarments for the dress and bring in bottled water for when you start to feel faint from all that squeezing into dresses!
    So there you have my two cents worth, but even if there isn't a personal shopper in your area, I can tell just from your profile pic, you will be beautiful and radiant!

  11. A happy Saturday to you, Jane!

    Dropping by from this week's Friday Follow 40 and Over.

    I can't say that I'm the best of clothing shoppers, either. I used to love it. Not so much now... lol

    Have a great weekend!


  12. I love to shop & buy clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. but I so hate to try anything on. I'd rather bring it home, try it out and then return if it doesn't work. :-) I think you'll find the perfect dress and you will just "know" when you do. Can't wait to see it!



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